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Global Mission

Hanuman Dhwaja Yatra

Not only the country but whole world which is suffering from castecisim & other ill practices, there is a need to clean this polluted environment. Sri Hanuman Dhwajayatra is a noble start where people from all walks of life can come closer & forget their differences to unite for the well being of mankind. In today's world, where people are running after time & money, it's very important that someone takes initiative to restore the culture & traditions of our country. So that we can lend forward to our future generation.Our main mission is to spread communal harmony & peace among people & make the country a happy & peaceful place to live in. Kasha is the hub if culture & traditions not only for India but for the whole world. So, its very appropriate place from where the message of peace & harmony can be spread to whole world.

What We Do

  • Every year on chaitra mass Purnima Sri Hnauman Dhwajayatra is celebrated on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. It's very auspicious event for the people of Varanasi. On this day millions of devotee come from miles away on feet's to give tribute to their Lord Hanuman with Flags & Aarti Thali, to pray for the welfare of their Family, Community & country in the temple of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman, which was founded by Goshuvami Tulshi Das Ji


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