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What We Believe

More than 5100 people from bhikhari pur on hanuman jayanti, hanuman flying flag pulled. It was offered to 15 feet of the wooden mace bajrangbali. Gade is made of bamboo and wood weighs 20 kg. Travel 2,100 large flags 1100 flag medium, small flag 5100, 201 were included in aarti plates trip
How We Started
Our Journey was started 11 years ago when 300 people. Devotees today is up to 15 thousand. This 5 kilometer strip Konia Jalali, Kanchanpur, not with standing sunderpur redemption reaches crisis. Hanuman Chalisa laying at the feet of the flag was recited.
Every year on chaitra mass Purnima Sri Hnauman Dhwajayatra is celebrated on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. It's very auspicious event for the people of Varanasi. On this day millions of devotee come from miles away on feet's to give tribute to their Lord Hanuman with Flags & Aarti Thali, to pray for the welfare of their Family, Community & country in the temple of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman, which was founded by Goshuvami Tulshi Das Ji